Ursula Vogt Copywriting

My name is Ursula Vogt and I am a Certified Inbound Marketing Specialist who writes content and sales material for the clean energy industry.

It’s impossible for your marketing to stand out in a crowd if you look and sound like every other company. 

That’s where I come in. I understand your industry. But more importantly, I understand your buyers and how to turn them into loyal customers without going door-to-door.

In fact, I know how to help you develop a relationship BEFORE they ever contact you.

There’s a psychology to selling that’s missing in the clean energy industry today. I learned it the hard way. That’s right, I’ve put my time in going door-to-door back in the day — but today it’s not only outdated, it could start costing you sales.



Your buyers will research their options long before they get in touch with you.

I present your company as a vital resource by writing marketing and sales material your potential customers are looking for.

I know you don't have time to learn the most up-to-date SEO and marketing practices, so I do that for you. And I use a proven writing system that keeps you in the loop at every stage of your project.

At the end of the day, it's only successful if I inspire action to help your company grow and profit, so I provide services that help you educate your buyers, brand your company, and sell your products and services.


What Do I Know That Can Help You?

Sales and writing define my professional life.

I started out in retail sales before I became a licensed  Real Estate Broker Associate and Realtor®. In the late 90's I trained with a builder-broker where I began hearing about sustainable building practices and later moved to a larger, nationally known real estate firm. 

Since 2003, I've ghost-written training and marketing material in the Tier One Automotive industry.

I've trained with the best business and direct mail marketing copywriters in the business through AWAI — the industry leader.

I've completed specialized courses by B2B specialists Steve Slaunwhite, Casey Hibbard, Ed Gandia, Graham Gordon, Casey Demchak, Nick Usborne, and more.
I'm a Certified Inbound Marketing Specialist


I continue to study not only your industry, but mine — daily.


What Can I Do For You?

The subject of clean energy marketing can be intimidating to your potential customers and I understand that. They don’t always understand the technology behind what you do.

And I know you struggle to bring them a message that inspires them to take action and hire you.

That's why I help you...

Educate your buyers

Brand your company as a leader in your market, and

Sell more products and services that benefit everyone


Are you ready to start your next project? Get in touch today!