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The Untapped Opportunity Your Competitor Missed

I have a group of copywriter friends who meet once a week and talk shop over coffee and sweet tea. That’s how we roll here in the South. I consider myself lucky because I’m able to sit with a group of dedicated pros and discuss what works and what doesn’t in the world of marketing.

Not marketing theory. Not marketing fads. We talk about what works in real-time.

If you think the renewable energy industry gets, shall we say, passionate, it’s nothing compared to the very candid opinions of a group of marketing professionals with too much caffeine and a Wi-Fi connection.

Why is that?

Copywriters know there are companies who leave money and opportunity on the table. We get a little fired up because we know how to keep that from happening and we don’t let our clients miss out.


One Tip We All Agree You Probably Don’t Know

Marketing that worked five years ago doesn’t work today. It’s dead. At the same time, some strategies that worked fifty years ago, still work perfectly well today. It gets confusing, I understand, so let me help you with some insight we give our clients.

The tech world changed how we sell, but if you want to get more clients and shorten your buying cycle today, understand that the science of marketing still has everything to do with how we approach people, whether you’re selling to an individual or a company.

That didn’t change, but it does need a modern-day tweak that your buyers demand.

When I was a kid and wanted to buy an expensive bike, one of the first places I looked was the Yellow Pages. There were ads with a company name, address and telephone number. That’s it — and it worked. Then.

Today, my kids log-on and research 20 plus companies and their products, as well as their reputation, in minutes. Which means your company marketing material has to be far more than a point of contact that was acceptable even a few years ago.

So what’s the answer to attracting more sales than your competition?

It’s surprisingly simple. You use the new technology to market, but you talk with buyers, you don’t pitch your products to them.

In the new world of marketing, you have to earn the right to sell.


Buyers Think You Have Commitment Issues

According to the Edelman 2016 Earned Brand Study, if you’re hanging on to the old way of marketing — meaning you’re blasting out paid ads, and your website is all about how great your company is — customers think you have issues. They’re into what you’re selling, but they want a deeper level of trust and a relationship that isn’t so one-sided.

The study finds that consumers who are in the investment stage consistently look less at paid advertising and more at your referrals, your website content, blog and email. In the business, we call those “owned media.” You own it…you control it.

Buyer search for twice as many referrals and content than ads in the investment stage.… Click To Tweet

Customers search your owned media hoping to connect with you. They want to feel good about who you are and what you offer before they buy.

Unfortunately, a lot of companies still think listing their own accomplishments is enough to earn trust.

  • Showcasing awards
  • Statements like, “We’ve been in business since…”
  • Offering free estimates (because, let’s be honest, everyone in your industry does)
  • Self-testimonials like, “We work to keep all of our customers satisfied.”

Those are great, but what they’re looking for in your marketing is proof that you are as interested in them, as you are your own company.

They want to know you can deliver.

If you think this is sounding like a bad personals ad, you’d be right. Potential customers will skip walks on the beach, but they want you to provide content about what your products and services have done for other people like them. They want to know you can deliver and solve their problem, so they reach out for referrals from others who work with you.

And you can’t buy referrals, just traffic.

As Edelman said, “Commitment cannot be bought, it must be earned.”

So what does it take to earn their trust? That’s the thing your competitor missed.


What You Know That Your Competitor Doesn’t

Your competitor didn’t set up the foundation he needs to support the traffic he’ll receive from paid ads and email campaigns. What he’ll have is a huge advertising bill and very low ROI, or return on investment.

Which is why I wanted to share this resource with you.

The Edelman Index should be required reading for all copywriters. In fact, it reads a little like a copywriter’s playbook. When we write for you, we want to know as much about your customers’ likes and dislikes as we do about your company.


Your written content builds a trust relationship that becomes the foundation. We talk to your clients about what interests them. It has your potential buyer asking for more…becoming a participant in a relationship, rather than someone who browsed your list of awards and moved on. This foundation guarantees you

  • Better qualified leads
  • Increased sales
  • Shorter buying cycles, and yes,
  • Vital customer referrals you can share with the next potential customer

So here’s an invitation for you. Go check your site. Take a look at your latest paid traffic and email campaigns.

Do you have the marketing foundation in place that will support a relationship if you get the traffic? Will they trust you enough to commit, or will they move on to your competitor?

If you don’t have the foundation, you just paid for a lot of traffic that won’t convert.

The untapped opportunity I can guarantee most of your competitors missed is that they don’t provide the foundation that potential clients trust.

They aren’t paying attention to what customers say they really want to hear. And they don’t respond with a personalized approach to marketing.

But you can.


The Final Step

Those are the subjects that fuel a bunch of amped up copywriters. We know how to bring you opportunities and teach you to stop leaving money on the table for your competition.

There’s one final step, however. When you’ve laid the groundwork and you’ve got customers looking your way, you’ve earned the right to ask for their business.

Go for it!


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I love this stuff!

Ursula Vogt writes case studies and sales content for the renewable energy industry, including solar and Net Zero construction.

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Ursula Vogt writes case studies and sales content for the renewable energy industry, including solar and Net Zero construction.

You can subscribe to the RE Marketing Newsletter at